Our year goes from September through June.
Listed below are some of the events we have coming up for all to enjoy.
we normally ask for a $3.00 donation at each event unless otherwise stated. Also, we have special events through the summer for people to enjoy.
November/December 2017 - Programs
January/February 2018 - Programs
Nov. 3rd - Gene and Lorraine Spring will be entertaining us.
Nov. 10th - B.J. Lewis will be gracing us with Rabbi Dave Sumner 
November 17th - Paul Taylor ( a love offering will be taken). You don't want to miss him, Paul Taylor is an international speaker and writer on the subjects of creation, evolution, Genesis, and apologetics. He is the Director of the Mount St Helens Creation Center. 
November 24th - Thanksgiving Event - We will be having a traditional Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings. We will be opening the mic for testimonies and blessings. (Suggested Donation of $5)
Dec. 1st - Doyal Seale will be our guest today speaking about his most recent mission trip.
Dec. 8th - Dr. Paul Lund will be with us.
Dec. 15th - Evan and Nancy Bronkema will be giving us an enjoyable time.
Dec. 22nd - Christmas - Ham Dinner will be provided (suggested donation of $5), 
Dec. 29th - New Year's Event - Bring your favorite soup or stew to share with everyone (suggested donation of $5).

Jan. 5th - Our missionaries (Chuck Ness) are back to share with us.

Jan. 12th - Rose or Lynne will be doing an interview with one of our members.

Jan. 19th - Pastor Duane McAfee from Grace Family Church will be our speaker. An offering for Houston Recovery from Hurricane Harvey will be taken at as Evan is going with Living Hope Church to help out on the 21st of January,

Jan. 26th - 2nd Annual Talent Show - Come share your talents with us. This is for amateurs, everyone can do something.

Feb. 2nd - Bonnie Ness speaking on her missionary trip to Africa.

Feb. 9th - Valentine Event - Pancake Breakfast (suggested donation $5).

Feb. 16th - Stan Dawkins is in-charged and will have a surprise speaker for us.

Feb. 23rd - Pastor Jeremy Henderson from 4th Plain Nazarene Church will be with us today.

March/April 2018 - Programs
May/June 2018 - Programs

Mar. 2nd - Doug and Sandy McMurry from Longview Church will be sharing with us.

Mar. 9th - Evan will be gracing us with Mark Kelly.

Mar. 16th - Dr. Paul Lund will be with us.

Mar. 23rd - Neil Curtis

Mar. 30th - Good Friday - We will be celebrating Resurrection Day and Evan Bronkema will be our speaker and will have communion with us. We will be having a special meal which will include Baked stuffed cornish game hens (suggested donation $5).

Apr. 6th - Ron Stephens from Living Word Fellowship

Apr. 13th - Ian Carey

Apr. 20th - Rose or Lynne will be doing an interview with one of our members.

Apr. 27th - Dr. Steve Fletcher from Liberty Nazerine Church.

May 4th - Paul Taylor ( a love offering will be taken). You don't want to miss him, Paul Taylor is an international speaker and writer on the subjects of creation, evolution, Genesis, and apologetics. He is the Director of the Mount St Helens Creation Center. We will be celebrating National Day of Prayer.

May 11th - Mother's Day Event -  We will be serving Crepes, Bacon, Sausage, Scrambled Eggs (suggested donation $5).

May 18th -  We will be enjoying the music of Norm Price. A love offering will be taken to help pay for his transportation.

May 25th - B.J. Lewis will be gracing us with Rabbi Dave Sumner

June 1st - Our annual committee meeting

June 8th

June 15th - Father's Day Event - We will be serving Comfort Foods (suggested donation $5).

June 22nd - Last Meeting of our year. Mike Miller will be our special guest and speaker.

July/August 2018 - Programs
July 27th - Annual Picnic - will be at our normal meeting location. It is a Potluck, hamburger, hot dogs and lemonade will be provided (and maybe some ribs) (suggested donation of $5).
August 7th, 8th & 9th - Beach Trip - If you are interested in going please get on the list for a reservation, as there is limited space. We will be going to Lincoln City, Oregon and the cost will $100 per person, this includes transportation to and from the beach, a bed in a house and 5 meals. Money must be paid by June 22nd. NO REFUND.

Columbia River Fish Hatchery Tour

WHEN: February 27, 2018 (Tuesday)
WHERE: Leaving from Clark County Holiness Assoc.
TIME: 10am promptly
COST: $5.00
OTHERS: extra money for food, beverages and gifts/souvenirs.
Tour must be Paid by February 23, 2018. NO REFUND.
Our first stop will be Bonneville Fish Hatchery and Sturgeon Center, located in Cascade Locks. We will be taking a self-guided tour of this facility. Special features are Spawning Room; Adult Holding Pond; Rearing Pond; Rainbow Trout Pond; Outdoor White Sturgeon Pond; Sturgeon Viewing Center; Interpretive Displays; Hatchery Video; and Herman the Sturgeon, over 50 years old and at 10 feet long and nearly 500 pounds.
The second stop is Little White Salmon National Fish Hatchery, we’ll cross over the Bridge of the Gods. The strong Gorge winds and sometimes-harsh weather provide a dramatic setting for a visit to the hatcheries. January through early April, millions of fall Chinook salmon are marked with an adipose fin clip and coded wire tags before being released into the rivers leading to the Pacific Ocean. Visitors are welcome to watch the tagging season. Winters are also the best time to watch the eagles soaring in the wind and at river’s edge, feeding on salmon carcasses returned to the river after the spawning is Continuing down 14 we will stop at Vancouver Trout Hatchery for a short tour.
The only gift shop is at Bonneville Fish Hatchery. We will stop somewhere along the way to have lunch.


Maryhill Museum of Art

Museum Policies

Maryhill Museum of Art welcomes all visitors and is committed to making its programs and exhibitions accessible to everyone. If you require assistance during your visit to Maryhill Museum of Art, please let us know. A security officer or museum staff member is happy to help.
· Visitors are required to check all backpacks, briefcases, umbrellas, and other parcels larger than 11″ x 14″ at the entrance desk.
· Food and drink are permitted only in Loie’s: The Museum Café, and may not be carried into the galleries. See Menu attached.
· We invite you to shoot photos and videos for your personal, non-commercial use during your visit unless you see this sign: No tripods, monopods, or flash lighting, please.
· Animals are not allowed in the museum. (Service animals are permitted.) 
· We encourage you to engage with the art presented in the museum, but please avoid touching artworks; they are fragile and the natural oils on your skin could damage the surface.

WHEN: March 28, 2018 (Wednesday)
WHERE: Leaving from Clark County Holiness  Assoc.
TIME: 9am promptly
COST: $18.00
OTHER: Extra money for Beverages, Food and               Gifts/Souvenirs
Outing must be paid by March 23, 2018. NO REFUND.

The Museum offers the following exhibits: New Treasures from the Permanent Collection—Ancient Greek Ceramics from the Permanent Collection—The Western Experience—Sam Hill and the Columbia River Highway—Théâtre de la Mode—and other activities for the day.
We will be eating lunch at Loie’s: The Museum Café. See menu attached.
We will also see the Stonehenge Memorial & Klickitat County Veteran's Memorials—Erected as the nation’s first WWI memorial and dedicated in 1918 to the servicemen of Klickitat County.
Along with all of that we will include the Maryhill Gardens and Grounds—While Maryhill Museum of Art’s 5,300 acres comprise beautify, wild spaces and ranch lands, the museum’s immediate grounds include the William and Catherine Dickson Sculpture Park, the Lewis and Clark Overlook and a Native Plant Garden.



Mt Hood Railroad-Western Robbery

WHEN: April 28, 2018 (Saturday)
WHERE: Leaving from Clark County Holiness Assoc.
TIME: 9am promptly
COST: $75.00 includes train ride, transportation and food; Choice of Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken Sandwich; Pear C Coleslaw and Cider Baked Beans.
Don’t know about beverages, may want to bring extra money just in case.
Dress for the weather.
At time of reservation please select meal. Trip must be paid for by February 2, 2018. NO REFUND.

If you’ve got a hankering for some Old West entertainment, climb aboard this Iron Horse. Passengers be warned: robbers have been spotted in the valley so for land’s sake – hold on to your valuables if there’s a hold-up! Keep your eyes peeled for the fast action of Matt the Maverick. But never fear, the heroic sheriff is there to tell him when the jig is up. The music and entertainment will offer you a true Western welcome aboard this family favorite ride!
Departs Hood River: 11:00am – Return: 3:00pm
Boards 10:30am | 45min layover in Parkdale
The train costs include First Class seating 4 people to a table with climate control. There are 3 steep, narrow steps.

The Portland Spirit Luncheon Outing

Downtown Two Hour Sightseeing Cruise 

Toe-tapping live entertainment, delicious Northwest cuisine and amazing views provide the perfect ingredients for a Portland lunch to remember. This two hour cruise on the Willamette River is perfect for Portland natives and newcomers alike.

WHEN: May 26, 2018
WHERE: Leaving Clark County Holiness Assoc.
TIME: 10:30am Promptly   
COST: $52.00 includes 2 hour cruise, plated lunch with entrée selected on board, fresh baked bread, coffee, hot tea, fountain soda, live piano music, service gratuity and transportation.
Dress for weather.
Cruise must be paid for by March 3, 2018. NO REFUND.

  ​Charles W. Bingham Forest Learning Center   
The Charles W. Bingham Forest Learning Center at Mount St. Helens is sponsored jointly by Weyerhaeuser, the Washington Department of Transportation, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Visitors will learn about forests and forestry management. A significant amount of the forested land in the blast zone was owned by Weyerhaeuser; exhibits at the center address the timber salvage and forest recovery activity that Weyerhaeuser has conducted since the eruption. Other attractions include multimedia presentations, an elk viewpoint, a volcano-themed playground, a forest trail, and a gift shop. Don't miss their great gift-shop - lots of geology items, kids stuff, Mount St. Helens Jewelry, huckleberry gourmet foods, hiking sticks, ash glass art, ornaments, ash ceramics, tee shirts, jackets, caps, eruption DVD's, books, photos, and tons of additional unique Mt. St. Helens gifts.  Their gift shop is operated by the Mount St. Helens Discovery Group, LLC
Mt St. Helen's Tour
WHEN:        June 4, 2018 (Monday)
WHERE:      Leaving from Clark County Holiness Assoc.
TIME:          9am Promptly
COST:          $17.00 to be paid in full by June 1, 2018 (Friday)
WHAT-TO-BRING: Extra money for Beverages, Food and Gifts/Souvenirs, along with warm clothes and walking shoes if you wish to hike.
WHAT-TO-DO: We will be touring three visitor centers starting with Forestry Learning Cen- ter, then moving to Johnston Ridge Observatory and finally ending with Silver Lake Visitor Center. There will be time to see everything you want at all the centers.
Tour must be paid for by June 1, 2018. NO REFUND.

Johnston Ridge Observatory 
Geology and biology are the focus at Johnston Ridge Observatory inside Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. The Johnston Ridge Observatory is the visitor center closest to the volcano, offering stunning views into the crater as well as the surrounding eruption-altered landscape. A wide-screen theater presentation concludes with the drapes being opened to reveal the view through a windowed-wall. Exhibits take you through Mount St. Helens' geologic events; reading the eyewitness accounts of the eruption and its aftermath highlight the human story. The Johnston Ridge Observatory is closed during the winter.

NOTES: Be sure to bring warm clothing and walking shoes, if you plan on walking a trail.
We will stop at each visitors centers. Time will be allowed to see what is there.  We will start with the Forestry Learning Center, which is closest to the mountain.
Will be eating lunch somewhere on the road. If you would like a Mt. St. Helens coat they are $25.00 at the Forestry Center, and much, much more.
Note: Volcano viewing is highly dependent on the weather. However, if visibility does not allow a view of Mount St. Helens itself, spending time in the blast zone, visiting the centers, and hiking along interpretive trails is still an experience of a lifetime.

Mount St. Helens Visitor Center at Silver Lake
The Mount St. Helens Visitor Center at Silver Lake, located five miles from the I-5 exit at Castle Rock, shows a powerful and moving 16-minute film detailing the events around the May 18, 1980 eruption. Exhibits provide information about volcanoes, comparing the Mount St. Helens eruption to others of historic significance. Adjacent to the center is the half-mile Silver Lake Wetlands Trail, where you can learn about the formation of Silver Lake and the plants and animals that live there. On clear days, Mount St. Helens can be seen in the distance. The visitor center also offers a fine book and map shop, and the staff are available to answer your questions.
Chelatchie-Centralia Railroad
There is an unverified story that Hidden and his family, along with several friends and their families, went on a picnic at Moulton Falls. They were so impressed with the abundant timber in the area that they decided to build a railroad to gain access to it.
In any event, on 7/8/1886 Hidden and 5 associates left Vancouver to survey the proposed route to Yakima. Hidden felt that the route would give him access to the timber, the wheat growing country around Yakima and there might be coal and other minerals along the way. They were gone a month and returned with estimates of timber and mining resources and certain that a practical route could be laid out.
On 9/22/1887, the Clark County Register announced that the Vancouver, Klickitat and Yakima, Vancouver’s first railroad, had recently been incorporated with one million dollars in funding. L. M. Hidden was vice-president. On 1/31/1888, work began, and the first locomotive for the line arrived in Vancouver on 12/20/1888. The goal of the railroad was to serve Vancouver and Yakima by way of the Klickitat Pass. It was envisioned that it would ultimately connect with the Great Northern Railroad and the Manitoba line of the Canadian National Railway at Yakima creating a transcontinental connection.
The line was eventually built to Brush Prairie, but the country fell into an economic depression and money ran out for further expansion and operations. Finally, on 11/25/1897, the railroad was broke and had to be sold. It was renamed the Portland, Vancouver and Yakima Railroad by the new owners.
Also in 1903 the P,V&K merged with the Washington and Oregon Railroad and they became the Washington Railway and Navigation Company. This company lasted only 3½ months and it was transferred to the Northern Pacific Railroad on 11/11/1903 to be under control of that company’s Pacific Division.
In 1948, Harbor Plywood completed the long planned extension to Chelatchie Prairie, opening that area to logging. Two years later, the Longview, Portland and Northern bought the rail line Harbor Plywood and later bought the remainder of the line from the Northern Pacific. International Paper Company, the parent company of the L,P&N, built a huge lumber and plywood plant there in 1960.
When the mill was closed in 1979, the entire line was put up for sale.
Clark County purchased the railroad and leased it to the Lewis and Clark Railroad, which had run excursion service and continues to use a portion of the line for commercial purposes.
Over time, with severe winter weather, lack of maintenance and changes in ownership, the track-bed, rails, bridges, and buildings north of Battle Ground have deteriorated. A group of community volunteers came together in 1998 with the goal of restoring the line and building the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad into a functioning historical railroad. Working with the support of Clark County, the track from Moulton Falls to Chelatchie Prairie has been restored, and excursion service resumed on May 26, 2001. Work continues on improving the track and upgrading equipment with the goal of restoring service to Battle Ground.
WHEN:   June 30, 2018 (Saturday)
WHERE:   Leaving from Clark County Holiness Assoc.
TIME:    12:30pm Promptly
COST:  $70.00 to be paid in full by April 6, 2018 (Friday)
WHAT-TO-BRING: Extra money for Beverages, and Gifts/Souvenirs. Dress for the weather.
WHAT-TO-DO: We will be starting out by touring the museum then we will board the train. We will be leaving the train station at 5pm for a 2 hour ride, while we enjoy dinner and an Agatha Christie murder mystery to solve.
Train Trip must be paid by April 6, 2018, NO REFUND

2nd Annual Beach Trip

August 7-9th
Lincoln City, Oregon
Come to a relaxing time of fellowship, food, games, and fun, fun, and more fun!!!
Cost will be $100 per person
Must be paid for by June 22, 2018, NO REFUND.
Limited space.

Will be leaving at 10am from Clark Counrty Holiness Assoc.

Bring a sack lunch to enjoy on the way down, we will stop along the way and eat.

Coming back we will stop and eat at a resturant.
Be sure to bring extra money for food, gifts, etc.
Show God's love to everyone through grace and truth.