Our year goes from September through June.
Listed below are some of the events we have coming up for all to enjoy.
We normally ask for a $3.00 donation at each event unless otherwise stated. Also, we have special events through the summer for people to enjoy.
Also, if you bring a guest, you and your guest will recieve a free gift.
September/October 2018 - Programs
November/December 2018 - Programs
Sep. 7th - Kick Off - Island Breeze - Prize for best dressed Islander - Cornish game hens will be served (suggested donation of $5).
Sep. 14th - Mike Miller will grace us with his wonderful, passionate love for the Lord.
Sep. 21st - Rex Bullock will be our guest speaker. Rex is a story teller, drawing on a lifetime of experiences around the world.  He uses vivid first person accounts to tweak the imagination of his audiences, but he always brings people to the power of Jesus Christ.  Almost every week he is teaching and resourcing leaders around the world. He is currently working in such countries as Haiti, The Philippines, India, China and a number of countries in Africa.
Sep. 28th - Rabbi Dave Sumner will be joining us this day. Rabbi is from the Rehoboth Congregation in Vancouver, WA. Also, this day B.J. will be having 30 minutes of songs, testimony time.
Oct. 5th - Dave Slamp from Transform Northwest. 
Oct. 12th - Dr. Paul Lund will be with us.
Oct. 19th - Pastor Jeremy Henderson is a Visionary: Kingdom-oriented visionary who emphasizes team leadership; Communicator: Narrative expositor and “big idea” preacher/teacher of Scriptures; Strategist: Developer of simple strategies that target ministry objectives; and much much more. From Vancouver Fourth Plain Nazarene Church.
Oct. 26th - Fall Festival - Chili Dinner will be provided (suggested donation of $5), ​​Also, this day B.J. will be having 30 minutes of songs, testimony time.

Nov. 2nd

Nov. 9th - Kathy Slamp, an author of many books, will be us.

Nov. 16th - Our very own Missionary, Chuck Ness will be sharing.

Nov. 23 - Thanksgiving Celebration - Give thanks unto the Lord during this event. we will be serving Roasted Turkey  (suggested donation of $5).

Nov. 30th - Also, this day B.J. will be having 30 minutes of songs, testimony time.

Dec. 7th - Gaylon Dacus will be our guest speaker. 

Dec. 14th - Dr. Paul Lund will be with us.

Dec. 21st - Christmas Celebration​ - Ham dinner will be served (suggested donation of $5).

Dec. 28th- New Years Celebration - Soups will be served (suggested donation of $5). Also, this day B.J. will be having 30 minutes of songs, testimony time.

January/February 2019 - Programs

Jan. 4th - Brett Hollis will be with us and a love offering will be taken for him.

Jan. 11th - Rose or Lynne will be doing an interview with one of our members.

Jan. 18th - Also, this day B.J. will be having 30 minutes of songs, testimony time.

Jan. 25th - 3rd Annual Talent Show - Come share your talents with us. This is for amateurs, everyone can do something.

Feb. 1st

Feb. 8th - Grady Zickefoose will be our special speaker today and a love offering will be taken.

Feb. 16th - Valentine Event - Italian Dinner (suggested donation $5).

Feb. 22nd - Also, this day B.J. will be having 30 minutes of songs, testimony time.

March/April 2019 - Programs

Mar. 1st 

Mar. 8th

Mar. 16th - St Pattie's Celebration -  Corned beef & cabbage will be served (suggested donation of $5).

Mar. 22nd -

Mar. 29th - Also, this day B.J. will be having 30 minutes of songs, testimony time.

Apr. 5th - Todd Futter from Carson Church of the Nazarene

Apr. 12th - Ian Carey

Apr. 19th - Good Friday - We will be celebrating Resurrection Day and Evan Bronkema will be our speaker and will have communion with us. We will be having a special meal which will include a traditional Seder meal (suggested donation $5).

Apr. 26th - Rose will be doing an interview. Also, this day B.J. will be having 30 minutes of songs, testimony time.

May/June 2019 - Programs

May 3rd - National Day of Prayer.

May 10th - Mother's Day Event -  We will be serving Crepes, Bacon, Sausage, Scrambled Eggs (suggested donation $5).

May 17th -  We will be enjoying the music of Norm Price. A love offering will be taken to help pay for his transportation.

May 24th - Paul Lund will be speaking. Also, this day B.J. will be having 30 minutes of songs, testimony time.

June 7th - Our annual committee meeting

June 14th - Father's Day Event - We will be serving Comfort Foods (suggested donation $5).

June 21st - Last Meeting of our year. Mike Miller will be our special guest and speaker. Also, this day B.J. will be having 30 minutes of songs, testimony time.

July/August 2018 - Programs
July 27th - Annual Picnic - will be at our normal meeting location. It is a Potluck, hamburger, hot dogs and lemonade will be provided (and maybe some ribs) (suggested donation of $5).
August 7th, 8th & 9th - Beach Trip - If you are interested in going please get on the list for a reservation, as there is limited space. We will be going to Lincoln City, Oregon and the cost will $100 per person, this includes transportation to and from the beach, a bed in a house and 5 meals. Money must be paid by June 22nd. NO REFUND.

Northwest Trek Tour

WHEN: September 18, 2018 (Tuesday)
WHERE: Leaving from Clark County Holiness Assoc.
TIME: 8am promptly
COST: $38.00
OTHERS: extra money for food, beverages and gifts/souvenirs.
Tour must be Paid by September 7, 2018. NO REFUND.
Enjoy a comfortable Discovery Tram Tour through 435 acres of stunning meadows and forests. For 40 minutes, you'll get an eye-to-eye view of fascinating animals like moose, Roosevelt elk, bison, and more as they explore their natural habitat.
Walk along a paved path through the forest and see large predators like bears, wolves, cougars and other native forest animals, all in naturalistic exhibits. Then, observe smaller wetlands and forest creatures like beavers and river otters swimming in their pools and keeping cozy in their dens.
Our new Canada lynx Nuka is here! With thick speckled fur, black tufty ears and huge paws for stalking prey on snow, lynxes are beautiful – and Nuka is no exception.
And keep your eyes peeled at Bear Bridge to find the den built by Benton and Fern, our black bears.
The trail is wheelchair- and stroller-friendly. A limited number of wheelchairs and strollers are available for rent at the main office when you enter the park.
See animals up close and talk to an animal keeper. Presentations happen daily at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. Different animals will be stars at each presentation, so it's a surprise every time! Although only the keeper touches the animals, this is an opportunity to see animals up close.


Lan Su Chinese Garden

WHEN: October 16, 2018 (Tuesday)
WHERE: Leaving from Clark County Holiness  Assoc.
TIME: 10:30am promptly
COST: $15.00
OTHER: Extra money for Beverages, Food and               Gifts/Souvenirs
Outing must be paid by October 5, 2018. NO REFUND.

Lan Su has a wheelchair accessible route that travels throughout the garden and benches are available throughout the garden.
Lan Su Chinese Garden  is a tranquil oasis in the heart of Portland. It is your passport to pause, discover and experience the history, beauty and culture of  China.
Lan Su Chinese Garden opened September 14, 2000. The garden is one city block (approximately 40,000 square feet). The lake, named Lake Zithter, is about 8,000 square feet.
The rocks, called Tai Hu rocks are limestone mined from Lake Tai, a fresh-water lake near Suzhou. They are prized for their four virtues which are: the holes that allow life force to flow freely, the rough texture, their slenderness, and being top-heavy. More than 500 tons of rock was shipped from China for the Garden.
The windows, around the garden and inside the walls, are called “leak” windows since they allow the visitor to see the view “leaking” through. There are 51 window, each unique in and around the Garden.
The city of Portland owns the garden, and contracts with Lan Su Chinese Garden, a non-profit organization, to operate and maintain the garden.
Music in the Tea House                     Noon-1:30pm
Listen to traditional Chinese music from students and teachers of Wisdom Arts Academy. This event requires an order of food or tea.
Music in the Tea House features Jim Binkley. He has been playing the Guqin for many years. The Guqin is a plucking Chinese string instrument of the Zither family since ancient times.
Plant Walk                                                2-2:45pm
Discover the sights and smells of what’s in bloom! Walk through the garden with a member of the Lan Su horticulture staff or trained volunteer to hear more about the unique history and cultural significance of the garden’s plants along with tips about their care.
Chinese Medicine Lecture with OMOC               2-4pm
[Description: Ocom-0543] Learn more about holistic Chinese medicine and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine with today’s topic being on Season with Chinese Medicine Nutrition.  Nutrition is the cornerstone of Chinese medicine. Learn how to nourish yourself through the transition from autumn into winter with foods that match the seasons.
Garden Shop                                            10am-7pm
Find a unique, one of a kind gift for a friend or yourself. Let our experienced staff suggest the perfect present. Some merchandise is located within Lan Su itself.
We will have a tour of the garden and free time to explore, visit the tea house and shop at the gift shop.


Huber's Turkey Dinner

WHEN: November 14, 2018 (Wednesday)
WHERE: Leaving from Clark County Holiness Assoc.
TIME: 4:30pm promptly
COST: $46.00  includes transportation, meal, non-alcoholic beverage & gratuity. NO refund or credits
At time of reservation please select meal. Trip must be paid for by November 2, 2018. 

Easy – It’s time for us to visit Huber’s, which is famous for its turkey meals. Enjoy the atmosphere in Portland’s oldest restaurant.
Huber’s was established in 1879 at the corner of 1st and Morrison in downtown Portland, Oregon. It was originally called “The Bureau Saloon” until it was purchased by Mr. Frank Huber and the name was changed to Huber’s. In 1891, Mr. Huber hired Jim Louie, a Chinese immigrant, to do the cooking. In those days if you bought a drink you would get a free turkey sandwich and some coleslaw. With just a few booths and bench seats, most of the patrons would go around and converse with a drink in one hand and a turkey sandwich in the other. This is how the turkey tradition started at Huber’s.
Huber’s moved to its present location in 1910 inside the Historic Oregon Pioneer Building. When Mr. Frank Huber died a year later in 1912, Jim Louie took on the management of the business for the Huber family. When the Prohibition Era came around, Jim kept the business going as a restaurant that specialized in a traditional turkey dinner. The menu grew to include steaks, seafood, duck, and salads. Jim’s nephew, Andrew, joined the staff and became sole owner in 1952, after Jim died and Jack sold his interest to Andrew. James, David and Lucille Louie became owners with the passing of Andrew and Amy his wife. 

3rd Annual Beach Trip

August 6-8th
Lincoln City, Oregon
Come to a relaxing time of fellowship, food, games, and fun, fun, and more fun!!!
Cost will be $100 per person
Must be paid for by July 26, 2019, NO REFUND.
Limited space.

Will be leaving at 8am from Clark Counrty Holiness Assoc.

Lunch on the way down will be provided.

Whale watching trip is included.

Coming back we will stop and eat at a resturant.

Be sure to bring extra money for food, gifts, etc.
Show God's love to everyone through grace and truth.